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The New Silk Road Becomes the World Land-Bridge, A Tour

EIR Special Report:
The New Silk Road Becomes the
World Land-Bridge

Interactive Map of World Land-Bridge

Eurasian Landbridge

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Regional Development and Infrastructure Maps:
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ARTICLES about the Landbridge:



Week of October 29, 2017

Physical Economy:The Fight Is On for South American Bioceanic Railway

Week of July 2, 2017

News Brief: Italexit, Belt and Road Discussed at ‘Future of the EU’ Conference in Brussels

Week of June 18, 2017

Transcript: Helga Zepp-LaRouche Addresses Schiller Institute Meeting in Detroit 6/17/2017

Week of June 4, 2017

Press Release:Great Potential for Ibero-America, Caribbean in China’s Belt and Road Project

Week of January 8, 2017

Physical Economy: Transaqua: A Dream Is Becoming Reality\xA0


Week of December 4, 2016

Transcript: Q&A Session with Helga Zepp-LaRouche following Keynote Address to Association of Economists of Peru

Week of November 27, 2016

Update: Keynote Address to Association of Economists of Peru: The New Silk Road Concept, Facing the Collapse of the World Financial System (video and transcript; transcript updated)

Economy: A MOMENT OF GREAT OPPORTUNITY: Optimism and Human Productivity

Economy: Congress of Peruvian Economists Issues Conclusions: "We share Zepp-LaRouche's Perspective on World Development"

Week of November 13, 2016

Helga Zepp-LaRouche: Keynote Address to Association of Economists of Peru: The New Silk Road Concept, Facing the Collapse of the World Financial System (video and transcript)

News Brief: Xi Jinping Visit To Open a ‘New Area’ of Cooperation with Ibero-America

Week of October 30, 2016

Statement: Helga Zepp-LaRouche and Jacques Cheminade: Against the Threat of a New World War Let Us Build the Eurasian Train for Peace

Week of October 9, 2016

Update: Maps of Great Infrastructure Development Projects Around the World

Update: Maps of South and Central America Projects

Maps: Interactive Map of World Land-Bridge

Press Release:China Backs Bioceanic Rail Route through Bolivia, President Morales Announces

Week of August 28, 2016

Video: The New Silk Road Becomes the World Land-Bridge, A Tour

Week of June 26, 2016

Political Economy: The St. Petersburg Forum and the World of the Near Future

Political Economy: Xi Jinping’s Strategic Mission to Central and Eastern Europe

Week of June 5, 2016

Book Review: What a Courageous and Beautiful New World! (review of Arabic translation of The New Silk Road Becomes the World Land-Bridge)

Week of March 13, 2016

Press Release: Egyptian Transportation Ministry Sponsors Launching of Arabic Version of EIR World Land-Bridge Report

Week of March 6, 2016

Economy: Global Chinatown Conference: Beijing to Seattle Through the Bering Strait


Week of December 20, 2015

Press Release:Russian Conference Hears LaRouche Greeting, Zepp-LaRouche Presentation on Silk Road

Press Release:SCO Prime Ministers Meeting Calls for Cooperation in Security, Production Capacity, and Connectivity

Week of November 29, 2015

Press Release: Swedish Delegation in Syria Includes Schiller Institute Activist; Hamiltonian Bank, Syrian Integration into the World Landbridge and New Silk Road Discussed

Week of November 22, 2015

Russia: Dubna, Russia : A Universal Model for Cities along the New Silk Road and the World Landbridge!

Week of September 27, 2015

Strategy: Australian Delegation at Women's Forum in Russia Presents Helga Zepp-LaRouche's Appeal to the U.N. and the World Land-Bridge

Conference: Citizens Electoral Council of Australia Promotes BRICS, World Land-Bridge
as Pathway to Peace
Mar. 2015

China’s ‘One Belt/One Road’ Policy Is Open to All Nations Mar. 2015

Schiller Institute Berlin Event Highlights Mass Movement for the New Silk Road Feb. 2015

EIR Special Report, The New Silk Road Becomes the World Land-Bridge, Dec. 1, 2014

China at APEC: West Should Join Us on the New Silk Road by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, Nov. 2014

The World Land-Bridge: Rediscovering The Americas Sept. 2014

One Belt, One Road Conference in Beijing: Helga Zepp-LaRouche's Address Sept. 2014

One Belt, One Road Conference in Beijing: Professor Bao Shixiu's Address Sept. 2014

‘Silk Road Lady’ Brings LaRouche Perspective to China Sept. 2014

The U.S.A.: Leni Rubinstein: The Eurasian Land-Bridge Today Los Angeles, Nov. 2013

An Economic Miracle For Southern Europe And the Mediterranean! June 2012

The World Landbridge
Video, German Schiller Institute, 2010

EIR Conference December, 2007:
Eurasian Land-Bridge Achieves Breakthrough in Ottawa, Canada

Speakers at EIR's Ottawa Conference

Steps Taken Toward World Land-Bridge at Arctic Summit
(EIR, PDF format) October 2007

Schiller Institute Landbridge Conference
Kiedrich, Germany September 2007

Bangalore, India Conference Speeches
Bad Schwalbach Conference Speeches
 Speakers from Eurasia: March, 2003

Eurasian Landbridge As An Alternative:
Speech to Institute of Sino Strategic Studies
in August, 2002, with Links to other Speeches

Eurasian Landbridge In Progress! 
Infrastructure Projects Lead the Way out of the Depression!
As of May 2002 -  Excellent New Maps.
(Scroll down or click HERE for press release )

Eurasian Landbridge: Go There!
Helga Zepp LaRouche's Conference Speech
on Sept. 2, 2001

Eurasian Landbridge:
The Most Important Strategic Question Today
1997 article

"Keplerian Economics”
 (This 2 part Dialogue by Dr. Tennenbaum
will help you deal with 'New Economy' bulletheads.)

On May 7-9, 1996, Helga Zepp LaRouche was a featured speaker in Beijing,  China, at an historic International Symposium for Development of the Regions along the Euro-Asia Continental Bridge, with over 460 experts and leading officials from 34 countries. The subject of the symposium was a grand strategy for developing the entire Eurasian landmass, by means of an integrated, transcontinental network of modern transport, energy, water, and communications infrastructure. Beijing's hosting of the conference reflected a major strategic policy thrust of the Chinese government, to promote economic development along the "New Silk Road” formed by the newly established Eurasian Continental Bridge rail lines connecting the Pacific coast of China with the Atlantic coast of Europe.

This Eurasian Land-Bridge concept, Mrs. LaRouche told a Washington, D.C. seminar following her Chinese trip, is entirely coherent with, and influenced by, Lyndon LaRouche's concepts of the Productive Triangle and of the science-driver. 

Today, the Schiller Institute is fighting for implementation of the Eurasian Land-Bridge in virtually every nation of the world, as key to reversing the continuing global slide into a New Dark Age. Since the 1996, many governments, policy think-tanks, and other institutions have sponsored conferences, seminars and symposia with speakers from the Schiller Institute, to promote this urgent reconstruction program. 

This ongoing dialogue among nations and cultures, based on the concept of Peace through Economic Development, represents the alternative to the “Clash of Civilizations” curtrently being promoted by those who would wish to destroy the nation state. The Landbridge throughout Eurasia, financed with a New Bretton Woods System, is the only pathway toward rebuilding the world economy, including especially the development of the underdeveloped nations, and it remains is the only basis for establishing durable peace.