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Week of November 12, 2017

Highlight:LaRouche Movement Meeting, Houston, 11/18/2017: President John Quincy Adams and "Economic Miracles"

Highlight: A Schiller Birthday Celebration, Houston, 11/11/2017 (report and videos)

Invitation: Detroit, Michigan Area LaRouche Movement Meeting 11/18/2017

Seminar: Report on Seminar in Paris, 10/24/2017

Concert: Christmas Concert on Beethoven's Birthday, 12/16/2017 New York City

Week of November 5, 2017

Meeting:The Global Belt and Road Initiative: Antidote to the Onrushing Financial Crash, 11/16/2017 Seattle

Meeting:Trump's Asia Trip: A New Era of Development, 11/18/2017 San Francisco

Highlite: Schiller Birthday Celebration near Boston, MA, 11/18/2017

Highlite: Celebrate Schiller's Birthday with the Schiller Institute NYC Chorus!

Meeting: LaRouche Movement Meeting with Michael Billington, Baltimore 12/2/2017

Update: A Schiller Birthday Celebration, Houston, 11/11/2017 flyers added

Week of October 29, 2017

Concert: A CONCERT FOR PEACE: Commemorating 100 Years of Russia-US Relations, NYC 11/17/2017

Highlite:The New Silk Road and Pakistan's Role in World-wide Connectivity-11/4/2017 NYC

Week of October 15, 2017

Highlite: Concert Honors John Quincy Adams, John Kennedy, and Sylvia Olden Lee 10/15/2017 Boston

Week of October 1, 2017

HighliGHT: A Schiller Birthday Celebration, Houston, 11/11/2017

Week of September 10, 2017

Concert: Schiller Institute New York City Community Chorus 9-11 Memorial Concert 9/9/2017

Week of July 16, 2017

Conference: Guest Lecture at Berlin Schiller Institute Event on the Belt and Road Initiative, 7/11/2017

Update: Keynote Address by Helga Zepp LaRouche: Food for Peace International Conference, 7/7/2017 NYC

Week of July 9, 2017

Transcript: Speeches and Greetings: Food for Peace International Conference, 7/7/2017 NYC

Conference Overview: Food for Peace International Conference, 7/7/2017 NYC

Video: Food for Peace International Conference, 7/7/2017 NYC, Panel 2

Video: Food for Peace International Conference, 7/7/2017 NYC, Panel 1

Program: Food for Peace International Conference, 7/7/2017 NYC

Week of July 2, 2017

Symposium: "The Aesthetic Education of Humanity Through Music" (concluding event of 2-day tribute to Sylvia Olden Lee, 6/30/2017 NYC)

Invitation: Food for Peace International Conference, 7/7/2017 NYC

UPDATE:Concert Program: Tribute to Sylvia Olden Lee: Master Musician and Teacher

Week of June 18, 2017

Transcript: Helga Zepp-LaRouche Addresses Schiller Institute Meeting in Detroit 6/17/2017

Invitation: Symposium: Concluding Event of Two Day Tribute to Sylvia Olden Lee 6/30 NYC

Concert: Conclusion of Schiller Institute Conference in New York City 4/14/2017 (Video)

Invitation: China's "Belt and Road Initiative": Will It Change the World? 7/18 San Francisco

Week of May 28, 2017

Update: Norbert Brainin Demonstrates Motivführung (1995; YouTube videos added.)

video: A Musical Dialogue of Cultures: Spring Concert, 5/16/2017 Houston, TX

update: Invitation: Bringing the New Silk Road to Michigan 6/17/2017 near Detroit

Week of May 21, 2017

concert: A Musical Dialogue of Cultures: Spring Concert, 5/16/2017 Houston, TX

Week of April 23, 2017

Invitation: Helga Zepp-LaRouche To Keynote Major Ibero-American Videoconference on the New Silk Road on May 4, 2017

Seminar:The New Silk Road: A Global Engineering Renaissance Seminar, 4/7/2017 NYC

Week of April 16, 2017

Highlite: Schiller Institute Bay Area: US-China Relations: A Vision for the next 50 Years! Saturday, April 15, 2017 near San Francisco, California

Invitation: LaRouche Movement Meeting: Join the New Silk Road and Shut Down the British Empire’s Drive for Global War Speaker: Jason Ross. Saturday, May 6, 2017 near Baltimore, Maryland

Invitation:In Search of Desdemona (Music Drama by Carmela Altamura) April 29, 2017 NYC

Invitation: Tribute to Sylvia Olden Lee: Master Musician and Teacher, June 29, 2017, NYC

Conference: U.S.-China Cooperation on the Belt and Road Initiative and Corresponding Ideas in Chinese and Western Philosophy 4/13-4/14/2017 NYC

Week of April 2, 2017

musical evening: Mozart and Friends in Boston, March 31, 2017

Week of March 26, 2017

Conference: Schiller Institute in Munich, Germany Honors Space Pioneer Krafft Ehricke

Celebration: 'The Genius of Krafft Ehricke', Houston, TX, 3/25/2017 (video)

Week of March 19, 2017

Seminar:Schiller Institute in Houston, TX, 2/16/2017: A Panel Discussion: A New Paradigm--Peace through Economic Development: China's Belt and Road Initiative--Will the U.S. Join?

Seminar: Ottawa Schiller Institute Diplomatic Forum March 9, 2017 The United States and Canada Must Join the New Silk Road

Week of March 5, 2017

Invitation: Concert of Mozart and Friends Friday, March 31, 2017 at 7PM EST near Boston, Massachusetts

Invitation: Schiller Institute Conference: The Silk Road, China and the Trump Presidency Saturday, April 1, 2017 at 3PM EST same location as March 31 concert

Week of February 26, 2017

HIGHlITE: Schiller Institute Sponsors Dialogue with San Francisco Russian Consul General Sergey Petrov

Week of February 19, 2017

video: Wonderful Musical Dialogue of Culture Concert Breakthrough in Copenhagen (video added)

ConCERT: Wonderful Musical Dialogue of Culture Concert Breakthrough in Copenhagen

Week of February 12, 2017

Invitation: Schiller Institute hosts discussion on U.S.-Russian Relations, 2/18/2017 near San Francisco with Russian Consul General Sergey Petrov, with extended dialogue ranging from China's Belt and Road initiative, the dangers of war and terrorism, to space policy.

Week of February 5, 2017

CELEBRATION: Schiller Institute Houston Celebrates the Living Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 1/19/2017 video playlist, facebook post and program PDF

Conference: Schiller Institute: The Win-Win Solution: One Belt, One Road 2/4/2017 NYC

Week of January 29, 2017

Update: Saturday, February 4, 2017, 11am-2 pm in Manhattan
Schiller Institute Conference: "The Win-Win Solution: One Belt, One Road"
(Non-facebook page)
Speakers: Helga Zepp-LaRouche, Dr. Patrick Ho

Invitation: Saturday, February 4, 2017, 11am-2 pm in Manhattan
Schiller Institute Conference: "The Win-Win Solution: One Belt, One Road"

Speakers: Helga Zepp-LaRouche, Dr. Patrick Ho

Invitation: Saturday, February 18, 2017, 2pm-5pm EST near Baltimore, Maryland
Destroy the British Empire Once and For All: Join the New Paradigm for Progress

Speaker: Jason Ross, LaRouche Science Research Team

Week of January 22, 2017

Invitation: Schiller Institute in Houston, TX, 2/16/2017: A Panel Discussion: A New Paradigm--Peace through Economic Development The Role of China's Belt and Road Initiative--Will the U.S. Join?

Update: Helga Zepp LaRouche Lifts Stockholm Audience to the Sublime at Schiller Institute/EIR seminar

Week of January 15, 2017

Program: "STRENGTH TO LOVE" -- A UNITY CONCERT 1/15/2017 Brooklyn, NY (PDF)

VIDEO: Schiller Institute Conference, January 14, 2017 in New York City: Inaugurating a New Paradigm: A Dialogue of Civilizations

Week of January 8, 2017

Transcript: Helga Zepp LaRouche Lifts Stockholm Audience to the Sublime at Schiller Institute/EIR seminar

Video: Helga Zepp LaRouche Lifts Stockholm Audience to the Sublime at Schiller Institute/EIR seminar


Week of December 18, 2016

Concert Program: A Holiday Concert for Unity, December 17, 2016, New York City

Week of December 11, 2016

Conference:Schiller Institute: Donald Trump and the New International Paradigm 12/12/2016 Copenhagen

VIDEO:Schiller Institute Conference, “The World-Land Bridge: A New Apollo Project For Mankind” 12/10/2016 New York City

Week of November 27, 2016

Invitation: A Holiday Concert for Unity, December 17, 2016, New York City

Week of November 13, 2016

Video: “Reconcile the total world! Seek above the stars unfurled!” — Will Wertz on Schiller

Week of October 30, 2016

Invitation: Schillerfest in Houston, Texas, November 12

Invitation:Seattle Community Chorus, Seattle, Washington, November 12

Week of September 18, 2016

Invitation: Renaissance Day in Houston, October 1

Concert Video: 9/11 Memorial Concert, Morristown, New Jersey September 12, 2016

Week of September 11, 2016

Conference: Schiller Institute: “Securing World Peace Through Embracing the Common Aims of Mankind” September 10, New York City

Conference Report: Schiller Institute: “Securing World Peace Through Embracing the Common Aims of Mankind” September 10, New York City

Conference Video: Entire Conference. Schiller Institute: “Securing World Peace Through Embracing the Common Aims of Mankind” September 10, New York City

Concert Program: Free Concert Dedicated to All the Victims of September 11, 2001 and its Aftermath (PDF, 32 pages)

Week of August 28, 2016

Invitation: Free Concert Dedicated to All the Victims of September 11, 2001 and its Aftermath

Week of July 24, 2016

Concert: Musical Dialogue of Cultures, June 25, 2016, Berlin

Update: Schiller Institute, June 25-26, 2016, Berlin: Creating a Common Future for Mankind and a Renaissance of Classical Culture Links to Classical Concert Videos Added 1:12 pm. U.S. Eastern Daylight Time, Tuesday July 26, 2016

Video: Seattle Area Strategic Seminar, July 23, 2016: "Humanity at the Brink: The U.S. Must Join the 'Greater Eurasia Project'"

Week of July 10, 2016

Update: Invitation: Seattle Area Strategic Seminar, July 23,2016: "Humanity at the Brink: The U.S. Must Join the 'Greater Eurasia Project'" (list of speakers, program, R.S.V.P. added)

Update: List of Speakers and Presentations at Schiller Institute New Paradigm Conferences

Update: Schiller Institute, June 25-26, 2016, Berlin: Creating a Common Future for Mankind and a Renaissance of Classical Culture links to video playlists and a transcript added at 7:59 a.m. U.S. Eastern Daylight Time, Monday July 11, 2016

Week of July 3, 2016

Invitation: Seattle Area Strategic Seminar, July 23,2016: "Humanity at the Brink: The U.S. Must Join the 'Greater Eurasia Project'"

Week of June 26, 2016

Update: Musical Evening Hosted by the Schiller Institute Boston Community Chorus, June 17 (video added)

Concert: Symposium and Musical Tribute In Praise of Sylvia Olden Lee (includes video and program)

Press Release: Schiller Institute, June 25-26, 2016, Berlin: Creating a Common Future for Mankind and a Renaissance of Classical Culture

Week of June 19, 2016


Week of June 12, 2016

Invitation: Schiller Institute near Houston, Texas, June 25: Free Mankind from Terrorism & War: Embrace Krafft Ehricke's Age of Reason

Week of June 5, 2016

Seminar: Schiller Institute in San Francisco, California, June 8: "Will the U.S. Join the New Silk Road? Global Scientific Development or Nuclear War."

Concert: Musical Evening Hosted by the Schiller Institute Boston Community Chorus, June 17

Week of May 29, 2016

Conference: Memorial Day Weekend in New York City: A Living Memorial: Ending War & Terrorism

Music: Schiller Institute New York City Community Chorus: Memorial Day Weekend Musikabend, New York City, May 28

Week of May 15, 2016

Concert: Save the African-American Spiritual! (Schiller Institute NYC Community Chorus, May 14, 2016)

Week of May 8, 2016

Invitation: Schiller Institute Strategic Seminar in San Francisco, June 8: Will the U.S. Join the New Silk Road? A Choice of Global Scientific Development or Nuclear World War

Highlite: Schiller Institute in Houston, April 23: The Role of US Space Intentions in the New Paradigm

Week of April 17, 2016

Seminar: Schiller Institute in Copenhagen: Extend the New Silk Road to the Middle East and Africa

Week of April 10, 2016

Conference:New York April 7, 2016: Schiller Institute: Building A World Land-Bridge: Realizing Mankind's True Humanity (video playlist, program, links)

Week of March 27, 2016

UPDATE: Program: The Schiller Institute Chorus Presents: Handel's "Messiah" at the Verdi Tuning, Easter Sunday, March 27, New York City (Concert Program in HTML format)

Concert Program: The Schiller Institute Chorus Presents: Handel's "Messiah" at the Verdi Tuning, Easter Sunday, March 27, New York City (PDF)

Week of March 20, 2016

Seminar: EIR Seminar in Frankfurt on New Silk Road for Mideast and Africa

Week of March 13, 2016

Conference TRANSCRIPT: There Are No Limits to Growth—Mankind Must Conquer Space!

Week of February 21, 2016

Webcast: LIVE from Houston, TX, Feb. 27: There are NO Limits to Growth: Mankind Must Conquer Space!

Concert: The Schiller Institute NYC Community Chorus Presents: An Evening of Schumann & Verdi, Feb. 20, 2016, Brooklyn, NY

Week of February 14, 2016

Concert: Schiller Institute Concert in Houston, Feb. 13, 2016: Celebrate Through Music the Building of a More Perfect Union

Week of January 17, 2016

Music: Schiller Institute NYC Community Chorus Musical Evening, Jan. 16 in Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (includes video, full program, translations)


Week of December 20, 2015

Concert: The Schiller Institute Chorus Presents: Handel's "Messiah" at the Verdi Tuning, in New York City: in Brooklyn on Dec. 19, Manhattan on Dec. 20

Week of December 6, 2015

Update: “We Must Build a Bridge from Hell to Purgatory” Transcript of Keynote address by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. to the Labor Day 1994 ICLC Schiller Institute Conference

Week of November 29, 2015

Video and Transcript: Helga Zepp-LaRouche Addresses Schiller Institute Conferences in Colombia and Mexico, November 18 and 28, 2015

Week of November 22, 2015

Update: Schiller Institute Schubert Evening, Nov. 21 NYC: PDF Flyer and link to translations added

Music: Schiller Institute Schubert Evening, November 21, 2015, New York City

Update: Manhattan Project: Messiah Performances in NYC, Schiller Institute Conference in Massachusetts in December

Week of November 15, 2015

Transcript: Germany’s Role at This Decisive Point in History Helga Zepp-LaRouche's Keynote Address to the BüSo Conference, Nov. 14

Week of October 25, 2015

Music: Schiller Institute Community Chorus Choir Day in Brooklyn Oct. 25

Week of October 18, 2015

Music: Schiller Institute Community Chorus at Bogota, NJ Public Library Oct. 20

September 2015

September 26 Schiller Institute Musical Evening, New York City

September 12 Schiller Institute Conference, New York City: Creating A Peace Paradigm: A New Era For Mankind Where We All Become Truly Human

August 2015

August 15 The Manhattan Project: Schiller Institute Musical Evening, New York City

August 11-13 Roncole Festival Revives Verdi's Tradition and A=432 Hz Roncole, Italy

June 2015

June 13-14 Rebuilding the World in the BRICS Era. Schiller Institute Conference, Paris, France

June 6 Schiller Institute Conference in New York City:: Decision Day for Humanity: The U.S. Must Return To Its Founding Principles And Join The BRICS Alliance Now

May 2015

May 28 Peruvian Military Center Hosts BRICS Seminar, Featuring Helga Zepp-LaRouche

May 16 Special Schiller Institute Conference, New York City: Prometheus Unbound: Defeating the Gods of Olympus

May 9 Schiller Institute V-E Day Musikabend, New York City

April 2015

April 27 Schiller Institute Copenhagen Seminar: China’s One Belt, One Road Policy

April 16 Hamilton’s America Revived In New York: Helga Zepp-LaRouche and Ben Deniston Address EIR Seminar in New York City

WEEKLY ACTIVITY: Thursday Chorus, Saturday Class in Manhattan

Handel's Messiah Sing-Along, April 12, New York City (Video and Audio)

March 2015

March 28 Schiller Institute Conference, New York City: New Dark Age or Renaissance? The BRICS Option: The Only Sure Way Out of World War III

March 7 Düsseldorf Schiller Institute Celebrates Dialogue of Cultures

February 2015

February 28 Schiller Institute Berlin Event Highlights Mass Movement for the New Silk Road

February 14 Schiller Institute Presidents Day Weekend Conference, New York City: America Needs a Mass Movement for Economic Development: Let's Join the BRICS To Rebuild the World Economy!

January 2015

January 17 Schiller Institute, New York City: BRICS Nations Revive Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Dream: Economic Justice Is an Inalienable Right

December 2014

UPCOMING EVENTS: Schiller Institute Holds Conferences to Change US Policy

December 20 Messiah Sing-Along, New York City

December 13 Schiller Institute BRICS Conference, New York City: "Alexander Hamilton and the BRICS"

December 7 The Eyes of the BRICS Are On the Schiller Institute's Organizing the U.S. For the New Silk Road (Boston)

November 2014

November 20 Helga Zepp-LaRouche Brings BRICS to U.S. Doorstep Mexico City

November 9: NYC Schillerfest - Day 2: Music and Poetry at the Schiller Statue, Central Park

November 8: Schillerfest on the 25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall New York City. See also: The Pathway to Freedom is Through Beauty: Threefold Celebration in New York City

October 2014

CONFERENCE: Schiller Institute 30th Anniversary, Frankfurt, Germany, October 18-19, 2014

October 11 Schiller Institute Town Meeting: To Stop World War III: Release the 28 Pages! New York City

August 2014

August 30 Schiller Institute: The New Paradigm and the End of Empire, Pasadena, CA

June 2014

June 15 Schiller Institute 30 Year Anniversary in New York City

January 2014

Jan. 19 Schiller Institute Presents Mozart's Requiem in Boston In Remembrance of President John F. Kennedy

November 2013

Nov. 22 Schiller Institute Presents Mozart's Requiem In Remembrance of President John F. Kennedy (Video)

Nov. 2 Schiller Institute 6th New Paradigm Conference: The Second American Revolution: Developing the Pacific and Ending the Grip of Empire

June 2013

June 29 Schiller Institute 5th New Paradigm Conference, "A New Paradigm for Mankind: The Second American Revolution", San Francisco, California

May 2013

May 18-19 Australia CEC National Conference

April 2013

April 13-14 Schiller Institute 4th New Paradigm Conference: "Attaining Freedom Through Necessity: The Last Chance for Humanity", Frankfurt am Main, Germany

March 2013

March 23 Schiller Institute 3rd New Paradigm Conference:: "After Thirty Years: The Need for the Principle of the SDI Today!", Sterling, VA

January 2013

January 26 Schiller Institute 2nd New Paradigm Conference,: "A New Paradigm To Save Mankind", New York City

November 2012

November 24-25 - Schiller Institute 1st New Paradigm Conference: "A New Paradigm for the Survival of Civilization", Flörsheim, Germany

July 2012

July 8 - Webcast: Helga Zepp-LaRouche and Jacques Cheminade: “A Global Economic Miracle or a Collapse of Civilization?”

June 2012

June 16 "There Is Life After the Euro"—BüSo Party Convention in Frankfurt

February 2012

Conference: Schiller Institute: "Securing Mankind's Future", Berlin, Germany

Helga Zepp-LaRouche Live International Address, February 11 Archive Page

July 2011

July 2-3 - "Rescuing Civilization From the Brink" Rüsselsheim, Germany.

February 2011

BüSo Party Congress in Berlin: We Are Paying for Bank Bailouts with Human Lives by Helga Zepp LaRouche

January 2011

Webcast: Transcript (Opening Presentation): The State of the Union: A.D. 2011 by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Webcast: Transcript (Questions and Answers): The State of the Union: A.D. 2011 by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The Schiller Institute Testifies before the Danish Parliament about the European Bank-and-Euro Crisis and for a Glass-Steagall Law

November 2010

Solidarité et Progrès Conference: A Transatlantic Fist-Punch Against Financial Oligarchy

Africa Conference: Schiller Institute Brings NAWAPA Approach to Chad

WEBCAST: Lyndon LaRouche Nov. 6: After Tuesday: Last Chance To Avert a Global New Dark Age

September 2010

WEBCAST: Lyndon LaRouche September 24: The New Economy: Questions and Answers

WEBCAST: Lyndon LaRouche September 24: The New Economy

Schiller Institute Presents Worldwide Development Projects Berlin, Germany

August 2010

Bicentennial Celebration of Schumann and Friends in Glendale, California

June 2010

WEBCAST: Lyndon LaRouche June 26, 2010: Change Is a'Comin'

Schumann Week Music Classes

A Musical Offering Celebrating the 200th Birthday of Robert Schumann

May 2010

WEBCAST: Lyndon LaRouche May 8, 2010: The Greatest Crisis in Modern History

March 2010

CONFERENCE: Helga Zepp-LaRouche Addresses BüSo Conference: Reconstruction After the Collapse: Germany’s Potential for the 21st Century

WEBCAST: Lyndon LaRouche March 13, 2010: The Ides of March 2010

January 2010

WEBCAST: Lyndon LaRouche January 30, 2010: The End of the Obama Administration

February 2009

The Greatest Crisis Facing Mankind: Reconstruct the World Now!
Rüsselsheim, Germany, Sponored by the Schiller Institute

November 2008

Lyndon LaRouche Webcast

Musik Abend: Schiller Institute Sponsored Informal Afternoon of Arias, Italian Art Songs and Chamber Music Boston, MA November 22,2008

Harley Schlanger visit to France

October 2008

Danish Schiller Institute Briefs Parliament

September 2008

VIDEO of Bel Canto Concert at C=256 Hz (download)
Recital and Master Class at C=256Hz,  Boston, MA

Helga and Lyndon LaRouche Berlin Seminar with Diplomats
International Media Coverage for Schiller Institute and LaRouche Reps
      on Financial Crash

August 2008

Helga Zepp LaRouche Webcast to Ibero-America
Lyndon and Helga LaRouche Address European Cadre School
LaRouche Articles Direct Russia to the New Bretton Woods 
Campaign for the PLHINO gathers steam in Mexico

July 2008

European Seminar Make the Dream of the American Revolution Come True!
Helga Zepp-LaRouche: Call For a New Bretton Woods
Successful Tour in Italy by the LaRouches
Schiller Institute Addresses Danish Parliament on Food Crisis
Diplomatic Luncheon in Washington, DC

June 2008

Ireland Vote Defeats Lisbon Treaty
Prominent Leaders Call to Double Food Production
Schiller Institute Agriculture Commission Plan for FAO Conf
FAO Summit Ends With Fight over Free Trade
Helga Zepp-LaRoucheon Radio Gold in Accra, Ghana
Helga Zepp-LaRouche interviewed on Ecuador Radio

May 2008

Denmark Schiller Institute Testifies In Parliament
West Coast LYM Renews Campaign to Lower Tuning
LYM Brings Tuning Issue to Seattle
Mobilization To Double Food Production Is In Full Swing!

Instead of Wars of Starvation, Double Food Production
LaRouche Addresses Monterrey Institute

April 2008

To Defeat Famine: Kill the WTO
“LaRouche in Monterrey Declares War on British WWF Vampires.”
Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to the U.S. Dr. Machivenyika J. Mapuranga
Tremonti: A New John Law Bubble Has Burst, Need New Bretton Woods
Doom Has Struck! Three Steps to Survival, by Lyndon LaRouche
Worldwide Hunger Catastrophe! Produce Food, Not Biofuels!
LaRouche: How We Must Deal With The Worst Crisis in History
The British Empire Is Up To Its Old Evil Tricks, by Helga Zepp-LaRouche
The Militarization of The EU Must Be Stopped, by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

March 2008

Amelia Boynton Robinson Denounces Lisbon Treaty
Lyndon LaRouche Address to Munich Maglev Conference

February 2008
Indiana Event Celebrates Black History And Amelia Robinson
Helga Zepp-LaRouche on Lisbon Treaty Fascist Threat
LaRouche To Diplomats: We Can Defeat The Fascist Threat

January 2008

Schiller Institute to the Danish Parliament
Amelia Boynton Robinson Remembers Dr. Martin Luther King
LYM Chorus Performs Bach's “Jesu Meine Freude”(MP3)
Download .zip file
Helga Zepp-LaRouche on Schiller’ Birthday—Nov. 10, 2003
The Fight Against Corporatist Fascism—From NH to CA
New Year's Greetings from Amelia Boynton Robinson

December 2007

Lyndon LaRouche January 17, 2008 Webcast
Highlights of the Schiller Institute Landbridge Conference
Eurasian Land-Bridge Achieves Breakthrough in Ottawa, Canada
LaRouche Keynotes Landbridge Conference in Ottawa Canada
Radio Mindanao Interview With B. Valdes, Philippine LYM
China's Role in the New Just World Economic Order

November 2007
Civil Rights Heroine Amelia Robinson Organizes European Youth
Lyndon LaRouche Los Angeles Press Conference
Lyndon LaRouche Addresses Summit of the Institute for Sino Strategic Studies
Schiller Institute's Maglev Campaign Sets Debate in Danish Elections
November 10- Schiller’s Birthday Celebrated Worldwide
Lessons of Colombia: Great Projects Win Elections!
Amelia Robinson Addreses French, German Party Congresses

October 2007
Lyndon LaRouche Webcast, Washington, DC
Amelia Robinson in Lyons, France

Amelia Robinson in Paris, France
Amelia Takes Denmark By Storm
Amelia Robinson Organizes Sweden
Amelia Robinson Inspires Copenhagen

September 2007
Amelia Robinson Tells Danes to Listen to LaRouche
Amelia Boynton Robinson Featured on Danish TV
LaRouche in Italy: Politics Must Now Submit to Morality
Lyndon LaRouche Addresses Italian Senate on Financial Crash
Historic Landbridge Conference Draws 350 from 40 nations
Presentations and Resolutions from Landbridge Conference
Peru Schiller Institute and LYM Inaugurate Educational Program
LaRouche Addresses the Nation on the Financial Crash
LYM mobilizes for the Homeowner and Bank Protection Act of 2007

August 2007
Helga Zepp-LaRouche Calls for a “New Bretton Woods”
Amelia Robinson 96th Birthday Celebration
African LaRouche Youth Movement Organized
Helga Zepp-LaRouche Address Mexican LYM Cadre School
Helga Zepp-LaRouche Interview on the LaR Show
LYM launches Counter-offensive against Kepler Plagiarism
Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. Discusses Music and Statecraft

July 2007
Schiller Institute Post Historic Music Videos online
Denmark Schiller Institute Mobilizes for the Copenhagen-Aarhus Mag-lev
LaRouche Delivers Webcast in DC “The End of the Post-FDR Era”
Denmark Schiller Institute Adds Music Page

June 2007
LYM Releases New Issue of “Dynamis” Online Science Magazine
Amelia Robinson Interview on the Death of Jim Clark
International Webcast by LaRouche Changes History
Danish Schiller Institute Mobilizes Denmark and Germany for Mag lev
LaRouche Testifies before Italian Senate Military Committee (PDF)
Schiller Institute Announces Development Conference for September

May 2007
Lyndon and Helga Zepp-LaRouche Speak in Moscow, Russia
Open Letter to Governments on the Global Warming Hoax
Diplomats, LaRouche Discuss US-Russia-China-India Cooperation

April 2007
Schiller Institute Holds Lively Membership Conference in Germany
Amelia Boynton Robinson Inspires Texas Audiences
Schiller Institute's Gillesburg Testifies on Mag Lev in Danish Parliament
Bering Straits Conference Features LaRouche Plan for Landbridge
Schiller Institute Articles on Violent Videos featured on LaRouche PAC site

March 2007
LaRouche Exposes Al Gore Hoax of Global Warming at DC Webcast
Amelia Robinson Speaks in Seattle and California
Schiller Institute Worldwide Mobilization Against Bio-foolery
Diplomats, LaRouche Meet Against Globalization in DC

February 2007
Amelia Robinson Speaks at New England Campuses
Amelia Boynton Robinson Honored in Alabama
Lyndon LaRouche Speaks in Rome
LYM DVD: Science and Music- Without Both, You Know Neither!

January 2007
LaRouche Youth Present Kepler II Project
Webcast in DC: The Old Economics Is Dead; New Economcis Begins
Amelia Boynton Robinson Statement on Martin Luther King Day
Worldwide Drive to Stop Cheney's War Plan for Iran

December 2006
Lyndon LaRouche Address to BüSo Business Meeting in Germany
Lyndon LaRouche Address to BüSo Party Congress in Germany
Denmark Schiller Institute Campaigns for Mag lev in Mayoral Race
Helga Zepp-LaRouche Mass Leaflet: Finally Good News from the U.S.A
Helga Zepp-LaRouche Addresses Solidarité et Progrès meeting in Paris

November 2006
LYM activates Schiller Members around the World
Amelia Boynton Robinson Tours South to Commemorate Martin Luther King

October 2006
Amelia Boynton Robinson Commemorates the First Anniversary
of the Death of Mrs. Rosa Parks

September 2006
Amelia Boynton Robinson Statement on 9/11 Movie

August 2006
Amelia Boynton Robinson Message to Mexico

April 2006
LaRouche to Address April 27, Webcast
LaRouche Youth Movement visits Moscow
LaRouche on South African Radio
Cody Jones, LYM Voted Democratic Man of the Year, CA's 43rd AD

March 2006
Lyndon LaRouche addresses EIR Berlin Seminar
Helga Zepp-LaRouche: Defend Germany Against Globalized Fascism!
Lyndon LaRouche speech to the 27th International Economics Symposium at
      the Monterrey Technological Institute in Monterrey, Mexico

February 2006
Amelia Robinson Statement on Passing of Coretta Scott King

December 2005
Amelia Robinson Europe Tour
Amelia Robinson speech to Berlin Bueso meeting in Germany
Amelia Robinson visit to Italy
Amelia Robinson trip to California

November 2005
Helga Zepp LaRouche Address “Axis of Peace” Conference
Lyndon LaRouche addresses Mexico Stunam conference
Schiller’s Birthday (November 10) Is Celebrated Around the World,
Amelia Robinson Tours the Northwest with the LYM
Denmark Schiller Institute Candidate Campaigns for Mayor of Copenhagen
Amelia Robinson Speaks in Los Angeles

October 2005
DC Town Meeting: Lessons of LaRouche’s Oct. 12, 1988 Forecast
“Great Crisis of 2005: End-Game 2005” Circulated Internationally
Amelia Boynton Robinson on the Passing of Rosa Parks
October 12, 1988 Remembered in LaRouche’s Speech
Amelia Boynton Robinson Gives Numerous Radio Interviews

September 2005
LaRouche Statement Circulated by Schiller Institute Members
Labor Day National Youth Cadre Schools
Music Articles from back issues of Fidelio Added to Website
Amelia Boynton Robinson Visits Detroit, Michigan

August 2005
International Mobilization to Defeat VP Cheney’s Guns of August
Helga Zepp LaRouche: "Beauty as a Necessary Condition of Mankind"
Mexico Schiller Institute Hosts Mark Sweazy (UAW) and Bob Bowen

July 2005
Spring- Summer Fidelio Released
Youth Cadre schools throughtout the US, Europe and Ibero America
LaRouche Answers Question On his Imprisonment
Schiller Translations Posted Online
Helga Zepp LaRouche Interviewed on the LAR Show

June 2005
Berlin Economic Seminar
European Summer Academy
Worldwide Schiller Institute Meetings Hear LaRouche Webcast
Interview with Panama’s Eduardo Rios, Schiller Institute Founding Member
LaRouche Article: "Man’s Original Creations"
Helga LaRouche Announces Campaign in Germany
May 2005
Amelia Boynton Robinson Is Hosted at at DC, Philadelphia and NYC Meetings
Lyndon and Helga LaRouche Address Youth Cadre Schools
International Events Celebrate Schiller, 200 Years Later
Momentum Builds For the New Bretton Woods
LaRouche Releases New Paper: Vernadsky and Dirichlet’s Principle
Schiller Institute Leader Attends Science Conference in Moscow
April 2005
Lyndon LaRouche Reports to Peru Conference on the New Bretton Woods
Helga Zepp-LaRouche New Bretton Woods Appeal
In Memoriam for Norbert Brainin
Schiller Institute Statement on the Death of Pope John Paul II

March 2005
Amelia Boynton Robinson Honored on the 40th Anniversary of Bloody
Sunday, March 7, 1965 Read all the articles and Links

February 2005
Amelia Boynton Robinson’s Bridge Across Jordon, Published in Italian
Schiller Institute Presidents’ Day Conference Program
Midwest LYM Sings in Michigan Spirtuals Fesitval
Schiller Institute International Conference on Presidents Day Weekend

January 2005
Berlin Seminar Features "New Treaty of Westphalia"

December 2004
Publisher Announces Bridge Across Jordan Italian Language Edition
Helga Zepp LaRouche Speaks of Schiller and Strategy on Phillipines Radio
Lyndon LaRouche On the Dialogue of Cultures: "The Next 50 Years"

November 2004
Schiller’s Birthday Celebrated At International Events
Bach’s Jesu Meine Freude Motet is Studied by LYM
Schiller Institute Posts Out-of-Print Fidelio Articles Online
"The Power of Classical Art" Concert Celebration in Sonora, Mexico

October 2004
Policy Papers Presented To Polish Conference on Infrastructure
LYM Expands Activities in Europe and South America
Animations from EIR added to the Schiller Institute Website
Schiller Institute and LYM Hold Youth Meeting in Moscow

September 2004
Fidelio Magazine Released, Fall, 2004
Labor Day Conference held in Virginia and California
European Schiller Institute Conference Held in Idstein

August 2004
LYM Sings at Monday Demos Throughout Europe
Invitation to Labor Day Conference
Excerpt from "Bridge Across Jordan" Added to Website

July 2004
The Schiller Institute Celebrates its 20th Anniversary
Lyndon and Helga LaRouche Address the LaRouche Show

June 2004
Brown Vs. Board of Education- 50 years later
Schiller Institute Learns of Cultural Sabotage by The CCF

May 2004
Seattle and East Coast Youth Cadre School
Amelia Boynton Robinson Message to LaRouche Youth Movement
LaRouche Warns of Left-Right Synarchist Terror Threat

April 2004
Remembering Sylvia Olden Lee (Memorial was held in September, 2004)

March 2004
International Rallies Held To Support Argentina Against the IMF
Mexico Youth Movement Hears LaRouche
LaRouche Addresses Australian Youth Cadre School

February 2004
Schiller Institute Delegatons Visit Eastern Europe
Amelia Boynton Robinson Visits Washington, DC Area Schools
Schiller Institute Presidents' Day Bi-Coastal Conference
Helga Zepp LaRouche Campaigns in Europe

January 2004
Amelia Robinson and LaRouche in Ala. on Martin Luther King Day
LYM Youth Cadre Schools in Various International Cities

December 2003
Peruvian Year End Cadre School Held in Lima
European Wide Youth Cadre School in Mainz
LaRouche Speaks in Washington, DC
Amelia Boynton Robinson Completes European Tour
Maestro Jose Briano Coaches Leesburg Schiller Institute Chorus and LYM

November 2003
Schiller Institute at Korea Development Conference
Youth Cadre Schools in East and West Coast
Amelia Boynton Robinson Mobilizes for Fort Stewart Soldiers
Schiller’s Birthday Celebrated Worldwide

October, 2003
Lyndon LaRouche Speaks in Washington, DC
Amelia Boynton Robinson Honored At DC Awards Ceremony
Helga Zepp LaRouche on The LaRouche Show (audio file)
Mr. LaRouche Speaks In Switzerland and Italy
Schiller Institute Delegation Visits Poland
Schiller Members Participate in Cervantes Reading in Guanajuato

September, 2003
Chandrajit Yadav: Address to the L.A. LYM
Amelia Robinson Whirlwind Tour in Northeast and Midwest
Post-Conference Cadre School
Expansion of Ibero American Youth  Movement

August, 2003
Schiller Institute Labor Day Conference
Youth Movement Expands Throughout Europe, Mexico, Argentina
Schiller Institute Summer Academy Held in Frankfurt

July, 2003
Maestro Briano Teaaches Bel Canto Singing To LYM
Lyndon LaRouche In Washington, DC (article)
Helga Zepp-LaRouche Addresses Mittelstand Seminar in Duesseldorf
Helga Zepp-LaRouche' Speaks At Duesseldorf BueSo Event
Amelia Boynton Robinson Visits South Dakota Indian Reservations, Farms
Student Video on Mrs. Robinson and Selma Wins Nat'l History Competition

June, 2003
LaRouche to NYC Event: Fight Fascism, The Way FDR Did
Lyndon LaRouche’s June 13-17, 2003 visit to Istabul and Ankara,Turkey
Helga Zepp-LaRouche Releases EIR Report At Frankfurt/Main Mtg
Helga Zepp-LaRouche Addresses BueSo Event in Berlin, Germany
East Coast LYM Educational Cadre School

May, 2003
Lyndon LaRouche and Helga Zepp-LaRouche Trip to Bangalore, India
Schiller Institute Delegation Speaks in Prague
Friends of the Schiller Institute founded in Croatia
The LaRouches Speak in Bangalaore, India
Lyndon LaRouche Interview Published in Russian Pole Star
European Days of Action with Helga Zepp LaRouche’s leaflet
Youth Cadre Schools Draw Hundreds on 3 Continents
LaRouche Addresses Events In Lombardy, Italy
LaRouche Address At Vicenza Chamber of Commerce

April, 2003
Amelia Robinson Addresses 40,000 at Leipzig Anti-War Demonstration
Cervantes Performed by Schiller Institute in Mexico
Helga LaRouche Issues Open Letter in Germany
Article on Schiller Institute in Ukrainian Weekly, Dzerkalo Tyshnja
Schiller Institute USA President, Will Wertz, Tours Europe
LaRouche Exposes Leo Strauss and NeoCons
Days of Action by LaRouche Youth Movement in Europe
LaRouche Speaks in Rome
Friedrich Schiller, Poet of Freedom, Volume IV Released

March, 2003
Helga Zepp-LaRouche: Remove Rumsfeld and Cheney to Stop This War
Bad Schwalbach Conference
Amelia Boynton Robinson Tours Italy
Youth Cadre School In Mexico City

February, 2003
LaRouche Speaks to Town Hall Meeting at Pine Bluff
LaRouche Visits St. James United Methodist Church,Pine Bluff, Ark.
ICLC/Schiller Institute National Conference
German-French Schiller Institute Conference
First National "Combat University on Wheels" School Held

January 2003
Webcast by LaRouche is attended by Schiller Members, Internationally
Youth Movement Grows Internationally
Meetings, Speeches, and Tour in India by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche
The LaRouche Show Features Lyndon LaRouche as Guest

December, 2002
The LaRouches Address Peru Cadre School
Lyndon And Helga LaRouche Visit Hungry
Amelia Boynton Robinson Covered in Italian Press
Youth Movement Activities in Mexico and Peru
Schiller Institutue Mobilizes International Forces to "Jam Up" Iraq War

November, 2002
International Celebrations of Schiller’s Birthday!
East Coast Youth Educational Retreat
West Coast Cadre School Draws 100 Students
LaRouche Visits Saltillo, Mexico forPublic and Private Events
Amelia Boynton Robinson Tours Italy and Germany
Copenhagen, Denmark Cadre School at Schiller Institute Office
Stockholm, Sweden Seminar Features LaRouche
Dialogue of Cultures Forums

October, 2002
Seattle Cadre School
Balkans Visit by Schiller Institute Delegation (Serbia and Croatia)
Schiller Institute at Russia Conference on-Global Financial Collapse
Mexico Classical Music Concert Draws 500 in Guanajuato, Mexico

September 2002
Amelia Boynton Robinson Honored in Italy
New Bretton Woods Adopted in Italian Parliament
Beautiful "Festschrift" Released for LaRouche’s 80th Birthday
International Youth Movement Launched
LaRouche Addresses Chinese Americans in Washington, DC
ICLC Schiller Institute Labor Day Conference

August 2002
Schiller Institute Summer Academy in Oberwessel, Germany
LaRouche Webcast on LaRouche Internet Radio Show
Webcast in Guadalajara, Mexico: LaRouche, Lopez Portillo, Seineldin
LaRouche Speaks at Southern California Youth Meeting
City of Selma, Al.Honors Amelia Boynton-Robinson and Samuel Boynton
Institute of Sino Strategic Studies Hears LaRouches and Tennenbaum
Zayed Center in Abu Dhabi Hosts Tenennbaum, Di Paoli and others

July 2002
LaRouche Launches Music Initiative with Brahms 4 Serious Songs
Dialogue of Cultures Meetings in Cities Across theWorld
Schiller Institute Summer Camp in Northern Virginia
Amelia Robinson, Helga Zepp LaRouche Campaign in Europe
Youth Cadre Schools Increase Attendance in the USA
Amelia Boynton Robinson Is Invited to Teheran, Iran
Rome Seminar discusses New Bretton Woods

June 2002
BueSo Dialogue of Cultures Event in Berlin, Germany
Amelia Boynton Robinson Hosted in Iran and Interviewed on TV
LaRouches Honored in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Record Attendance at Youth Cadre Schools in USA
Schiller Institute At Moscow Kuznetzov Conference
Educational meetings on Gauss’s work Held in US cities
Schiller Choruses Sing at Mexico City Memorial Concert
LaRouches Speak in Abu Dhabi, UAE

May 2002
"Schiller Salon" Inaugurated in Lima, Peru Office
Schiller Institute Delegation Visits Poland
Campaign Launched to Ban Violent Videos
LaRouche Addresses Mideast Crisis and Solution

April 2002
Schiller Institute and Persian Cultural Event in Germany
Concert of Spirituals and Lieder in Los Angeles
Amelia Robinson Tour in LA, California
Educational Cadre Schools throughout the USA
Buffalo, NY Town Meeting with Johnathan and Rosa Tennenbaum

March 2002
Guatemalan Association Endorses Schiller Call for Dialogue of Cultures
Educational Cadre Schools for Students held in several US cities
Helga Zepp LaRouche Speaks against Clash of Civilizations in Vienna
Lyndon LaRouche Speaks In Milan

February 2002
Amelia Boynton Robinson Receives Allama Iqbad Award in New York
SchillerInstitute/ICLC conference in Virginia (audio/video and text available)
Amelia Boynton Robinson Meetings in New York

January 2002
Croatian Seminar releases Economics Book by LaRouche
"Dialogue of Cultures" Meetings Held throughout USA and elsewhere
International Webcast Addressed by Lyndon LaRouche

December 2001
Lyndon and Helga LaRouche Tour Visit India
Seminars and Conference in Moscow honoring P. Kusnetsov
Schiller Institute Concerts in Mexico (spanish text)
Cervantes Celebration in Mexico(spanish text)

Lyndon LaRouche week of Dec. 10 visit to Moscow
Lyndon LaRouche Nov.30—Dec. 6 India visit
La Scala performs Verdi Opera the Lower Tuning!

November 2001
LaRouche in Rome, Italy
Dialogue of Cultures Conferences in Dallas, TX and Los Angeles, CA
Mosocw Conference: Schiller Institute and Russian Academy of Sciences
Videoconference with LaRouche and Guatemala Economists
Schiller Institute Presentation in Budapest, Hungary
Amelia Robinson and LaRouche Jubilee Singers at Paul Robseson House International Schiller Birthday Celebrations with Poetry and Music

October 2001
LaRouche’s Dialogues Continue on International Radio Broadcasts
Helga Zepp LaRouche Issues Call for A Dialogue of Cultures
LaRouche Presents Paper on Brazil’s Agriculture to Conference
LaRouche Speaks in Rome
Amelia Boynton Robinson Tours West Coast
Concert and Workshop in Los Angeles Area

September 2001
LaRouche on International Radio In Response to 9/11/01 Attack
Amelia Boynton Robinson Tours Houston Area
Concert and Master Class with William Warfield and Sylvia Olden Lee
Schiller Institute Conference in Virginia "How to Beat the Depression."

August 2001
Schiller Institute Discusses New Bretton Woods in Nigeria
Schiller Institute Conference in Oberwesel, Germany
Book by Schiller Institute Published in Dominican Republic
LaRouche Addresses Video Conference in Mexico

July 2001
Video conference in Washington, DC features LaRouche
"Through the Years Performed in Northern Va.
Lecture-Concert in New York City
Schiller Institute Delegation Visits China
LaRouche Speaks in Vicenza, Italy

June 2001
LaRouche at Lebedev Institute
The LaRouches and Dr. Tennnebaum Testify at Duma Hearings, Moscow
Concert and Forum in Camden, NJ
Mass March and Town Meetings for DC General Hospital

May 2001
Schiller Institute Conference, Bad Schwalbach, Germany
LaRouche’s Analysis Presented in Moscow by Schiller Institute
Polish Schiller Institute Sponsors LaRouche

April 2001
Concert and Master Class, Pasasena, California
Schiller Institute delegation in Croatia
Schiller Institute delegation in Prague and Warsaw

March 2001
LaRouche Presents 25-Year U.S. National Mission Vision
Schiller Institute Addressed India’s Planning Commission
Schiller Institute On LaRouche’s New Bretton Woods in Slovakia
Schiller Institute in Zimbabwe
Schiller Institute Representative Speaks in Moscow

Feb 2001
New Bretton Woods resolution in Kentucky
ICLC/Schiller Institute Conference
Mobiliztion to defeat Ashcroft

Jan 2001
Successful meeting for New Bretton Woods in Milan
LaRouche and Schiller Insititute at Sudan Conference
Schiller delegation to Bratislava
Houston, Texas Concert and Master Class